What is Transformational

It is leadership that inspires optimism, enterprise, and action in the efforts to transform societies to achieve a better future for communities.

We define Transformational Change Leadership as a process through which an individual, organization, or collective guides large, fundamental, radical transitions from one existing state to a more positive, desired state. This kind of leadership takes a systems approach, using holistic, collaborative, and multi-disciplinary methods to make demonstrable positive change that scales to large groups of people. Those who practice transformational change leadership embody it fully in the way they live their lives, carry out their work, and communicate their philosophies.

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In times of global upheaval, a shared understanding of how to make systemic change is crucial.“Transformational Change Leadership: Stories of Building a Just Future” is a resource for a new generation of leaders in development, rights, academia, philanthropy, business, innovation, and community organizing, to reflect on your own leadership process. Through stories of leadership, we explore what it takes to make transformational change, and what processes and characteristics unite leaders who create impact at scale.

This project presents a set of characteristics of leadership that, cultivated together and exercised holistically, provide a pathway to catalyzing transformational change in a rapidly shifting environment. It is not a guide to personal leadership development, but rather a roadmap for leadership in collective, community-led, and collaborative action.

We intend this site to be a growing trove of stories of leadership. The project is meant to be a journey of discovery of transformational change.


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