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This page introduces you to our definition of Transformational Change Leadership. You can also click through here to (a) find this site map, (b) submit stories for consideration, and (c)  review the seven characteristics at the base of the process of transformational change leadership:


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The Introduction presents the theory and framework that underpins Transformational Change Leadership.

We present our Mission and our Methodology, as well as Foundational Statements, perspectives from different experts in the field for practitioner, community, donor, social enterprise, and academic audiences.



There are two ways to navigate the site to understand process of Transformational Change Leadership.  

(a) You can click on the Characteristics tab and explore stories through the lens of the seven characteristics by clicking on individual characteristic links and explore the profile stories of leaders that personify the selected characteristic.

(b) Or you can explore the Stories as a whole by clicking on the Stories tab.

Each individual story links back to the characteristic it represents in its page heading, and to the movements represented through tag links under each story.




We present the context in which Transformational Change Leadership is catalyzed, in two ways:


(a) Click on the Movements tab to examine the issues, movements, and causes that leaders work in.

(b) Click on the Innovations tab to delve into the tools and strategies that support the work of leaders creating positive transformational change.




This section contemplates the future and evolution of Transformational Change Leadership (click the Moving Forward tab), and  includes a brief profile of the Emerging Leaders in the world of development that are rising into transformation change leadership.




This page provides resources that can help you use this site for your own your work, including (a) Discussion and Activity Guide, (b) Glossary, (c) Comments or Contributions form.




Learn about who is behind this project, and visit this page to get news about the project.


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